How can Pilates help you?

Whether you're recovering from an injury, or would like to strengthen an area of your body to prevent one, Pilates is a great exercise technique to have in your arsenal. 

When you've suffered the setback of a sporting injury, Pilates may not be the obvious next step to take. However, there are several benefits to incorporating it into your exercise programme. Pilates considers the body as a whole, rather than just the injured area. Consequently, you can help regain strength, control and smooth movement in the area affected, as well as helping to address altered movement patterns and muscle imbalances which may have contributed to the injury. You could end up in even better condition than when the injury occured!

"Pilates is the single most important part of my exercise regime. It has helped me recover from and overcome years of depressingly repetitive niggles and injuries. I'm now able to do more and enjoy more of the sports I love. I have always been fit but I now feel stronger in ways that I find hard to explain. I recommend it to everyone. I wish I'd started it in my 20's rather than my 40's!"

TB, attending Pro Pilates classes for 2 years