How can Pilates help your back pain?

There's several reasons why Pilates can be greatly beneficial for those with back pain - and it's not all about improving your core strength! Whilst Pilates does improve your 'core muscles', it more importantly teaches you how to move your body in a coordinated, controlled way, which helps to address any muscle imbalances and improve postural awareness. It is always worthwhile having an individualised assessment first, before starting a class, to ensure Pilates is the right form of exercise for you and that the exercises can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

"Having suffered from chronic low back pain for a number of years, I started doing Pilates on my Physio's recommendation. It was life changing. Now I am fitter, stronger and more flexible than I have ever been and I can happily sit on the floor and play with my grandchildren! I started Pilates classes with Mel 5 years ago and I try never to miss a week. I always feel energised and rejuvenated afterwards - they are fun, relaxed and include an element of mindfulness - and Mel is a brilliant teacher!"

JC, attending Pro Pilates for 5 years