Pro Pilates

Physio led Pilates classes to help maximise your potential

At Pro Pilates, I believe that Pilates should maximise your body's potential strength, flexibility, posture, movement and control. My mission is to provide quality Pilates classes, run by myself, a qualified Physiotherapist, where I am able to modify the exercises to suit your individual needs, whether you are a complete beginner or an elite athlete. I believe that every body can gain benefits from Pilates, whilst having fun in the process!

Did you know we now run retreats?

Our upcoming Pilates and Nutritional retreats are the perfect way to start or improve upon your Pilates practice under the expert guidance of a Physiotherapist. Held in luxury locations, 'The Pilates Escape' will also provide you with expert physiotherapy, nutritional and wellbeing advice, and that little bit of 'me time' to really focus on you. 

How can Pro Pilates help me?

Aid recovery from injuries and strengthen areas of your body to help prevent them

Aid recovery from and help prevent recurrence of back pain

Help to continue exercise during pregnancy and aid recovery postnatally

Aid relaxation and mindfulness, helping to take you away from the stresses of daily life, giving you the opportunity to focus on you

Do you have a condition or injury not mentioned above and/or are unsure whether Pilates is right for you? Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and I can answer any further questions you may have!